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JAM Fest Registration


Please let us know how many people are in your party from each age range.

Party Information:

For various grant and demographic requirements, it's important that we collect the names and ages of everyone attending the Festival. 

Click the "+" button to add the names and ages of each member of your party. 


*This information is used for grant reporting purposes only
Please click the plus (+) symbol again to add more people to your party, or the "x" to remove.

Contact Information: 

A valid email address and cell phone number is required for one member of your party. This person will receive all communications regarding the festival.

This information WILL NOT be used for any other 
purpose, nor sold to third parties.

* For text updates only

Suggested Donation:

Your support helps ensure quality Jewish programing here on the Seacoast! Please consider making a donation to our mission by choosing one of the options below, or writing in a donation of your choosing.

Choose from the suggested donation levels above or enter your own amount.

Join the חי Society

Join our community of supporters and become a member of the חי Society!

חי Society sponsors will be recognized at the festival.

חי, Hebrew for "life", pronounced "Hi", is also the Hebrew expression for the number 18. It is traditional in the Jewish community to give gifts in multiples of this amount to wish good luck and long life to the recipient. 

Interested in becoming a community or corporate partner?
See our list of community and corporate sponsorship opportunities by clicking HERE

Demographic Information
Tell us about yourself!

As the festival expands, we're eager to know how far the word has spread and to whom. Please let us know below.
Let us know how you heard about our event, it really helps out our marketing team!
We welcome everyone to the festival, regardless of affiliation or identity!
Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784